The social pathologies of all-day kindergarten

Las Vegas Review-Journal
by Vin Suprynowicz

“Does the defeat of Democratic state Sen. Dina Titus in last fall’s gubernatorial election mean her pet scheme — spending millions more in tax money to dragoon all Nevada’s kids into the state compulsion school system at age 5 — is dead? Oh, please. Victorious Gov. Jim Gibbons’ weak-kneed ‘Let’s study it’ may postpone the inevitable for a few years, but government-funded mandatory schooling from age 4 to 18 (or will it be 22?) will arrive — and bankrupt us — in our lifetimes. What will the ‘studies’ show? The same thing studies of the federal Head Start program show: universal government-run kindergarten improves academic performance in first grade among the kind of kids who didn’t used to attend kindergarten, but all such improvement washes out by the sixth grade.” (02/04/07)


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