Jim Morrison: Eternal enemy of the state

Strike the Root
by Alex R. Knight III

“They called him The Lizard King (I can do anything …). Later, he called himself Mr. Mojo Risin’ — an anagram for his own name first sung in ‘L.A. Woman.’ Since his untimely death over 35 years ago, James Douglas Morrison has both fascinated and deeply moved millions of people, young and old, across the world. … ‘He is the eternal inspiration behind every teenager’s act of defiance, and he is behind more than a few, I would guess, acts of disobedience and nonconformity on the part of adults. He is always there, ever young and full of vibrant angst and energy, beckoning us on, beseeching us to join him in unrestricted freedom no matter the cost.'” (02/02/07)



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