Doomed to repeat it

The Libertarian Enterprise
by L. Neil Smith

“I’ve just read a review of a book of essays written by a man who called himself ‘libertarian’ for more than a quarter of a century, and yet, when the towers fell and Bush said, ‘Let’s roll!,’ elected, along with a small handful of his oldest, closest friends, to ‘roll’ with him. … a self-labelled libertarian and his buddies who let themselves get stampeded into abetting George Bush’s nazification of America, but who now — with a mere 180 million Americans to blaze the trail before them — have finally, courageously, ‘seen the light’ and begun to recant. … My trouble, you’ll understand, is that I managed somehow (I’m certainly no psychic) to guess the score the instant I saw the second airliner hit the tower. Believe me, it wasn’t hard. It was as obvious and unsubtle as a ball peen hammer applied enthusiastically to a big toe.” (02/04/07)


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